ASM Software Monitor-52

amon52 – “a monitor for 8052/compatible mcu”

ASM Software Monitor-52 is a monitor/debugger for 8052 compatible mcus with the possibility to have code memory mapped into external RAM like my development board by Phytec does.


amon52 features:

  • almost no IRAM usage: uses register bank 2 for internal data and bank 3 for work
  • user program have register banks 0 (default) and 1 at their disposal
  • monitoring of registers for user program
  • IRAM read/write/dump
  • XRAM read/write/dump
  • SFR monitoring
  • code memory viewer
  • loading Intel HEX files into XRAM
  • jumping and calling user code
  • interrupt vector copy to XRAM (including forwarding into a user program)
  • welldefined and known jump table for access of monitor routines by user programs
  • SIO running on Timer 2
  • only valid input is echoed – you can’t type wrong chars!
  • Interface protocol is designed in a way that an external program on your PC can interface with amon52. This should allow to run a nice GUI debugger in the future.
  • more things to come in the future

The current state of the project is not completely functional, buggy, tailored to be run from inside the Tasking monitor and comes without documentation or warranty.


This monitor source is specially configured to work with the PHYtec microMODUL-8051. It should work on any board with few changes necessary. (Mainly comment the Phytec memory init routine out.)


screen shot of v0.2 running on my board

Version v0.2 (May 15th 2006) (13.5k)
Version v0.4 (May 17th 2006) (53k)

Release Notes
v0.2 – initital open release, contains bugs and not all functionalities
v0.4 – release with all major features implemented, probably NOT bugfree


To compile amon52, you will need Asem-51, SDCC and GNU Make.

Tools and files for 8051 compatible microcontrollers

Here you can find some tools, configuration files and generic information regarding MCS51 compatible mcus.

as31 assembler for Intel 8051 derivates

This is a patched version of the famous as31 assembler. It is now compatible with our development board. And can therefor be used with other Phytec 8051 boards and units as well. The original of the assembler can be found at Paul’s 8051 tools.
Download (83.5 K)

Intel 8051 assembler syntax highlighting definition for the editor Kate

A simple syntax highlighting definition for the text editor Kate for highlighting as31 source files.
Assigns itself for .a51 extension.
Download .xml file (5.7 K)


© 1999/2002 by Matthias Arndt <>

This is a FREEWARE game published by ASM Software. It is the first ever ST game from ASM Software that gets published!

This is a little shoot’em up game for up to 2 players. It was build with SEUCK.


  • Atari ST computer with 512k of RAM (or even more)
  • ROM TOS (this game has not been tested with MultiTOS, Mint or other multitasking OSes on the ST)
  • colo(u)r display
  • one (or preferrably two) joystick(s)

This game has been tested on an Atari 520STM, an Atari 1040STFM, STEEM and Hatari.

A user reported it does work on STEs as well!

Further information and instructions can be found in the provided README file. The game comes as a disk image in MSA format ready to be used with any popular Atari ST emulator. You can write it back to a floppy disk and play the game on a real Atari ST machine as well.

Simply boot the disk and doubleclick on MEGASTAR.SCK.

Make sure to install RUNGAME.PRG as an application with *.SCK files. The provided DESKTOP.INF does this automatically.

Download , play and spread it!
Download .MSA disk image (77.9 K)
Download file version (60.2 K)

Fun stuff for Atari ST

Here you can find some smaller games and intros for the Atari ST.


Black Jack
This is a little Blackjack game for Atari ST with colo(u)r display. It uses OS calls only and it may work on TT and Falcon as well.
Download (84.6 K)

This is a really small Tron game for Atari ST with colo(u)r display. It is for 2 players only.
Download (10.7 K)


The Debut
My debut intro for the Atari scene. For Atari ST/STe/Falcon/TT with colo(u)r display. Falcon and TT users please use a singletasking TOS and ST-LOW.
(42.8 K)

Utilities for Atari ST

Here you can find some small tools and utilities for the Atari ST running under TOS.

This is a little utility program for your AUTO folder. It simply sets the serial port (Serial 1 in any case) to 19200 bps, RTS/CTS and 8N1 parameters.
Download (0.3 K)

This is a little utility program which determines the version of TOS you are using.
It does not work on TT or Falcon.
Download (6.4 K)


© 2002/2003/2004 by Matthias Arndt <>

The GNU General Public License applies to this project. See the file COPYING for details.


Quadromania is a board game. Your task is to restore the originating board filled with red stones. The computer will pick a named amount of 3×3 tile sets and will flip the colours of the selected tiles.

This means a red tile will become green, a green one the next colour in the amount of colours, red again in the simplest case. You select the amount of colours to use and the amount of initial rotations.

In the running game click on the center point of a 3×3 tile set to exchange that selected set following the rules above. Restore the board full of red stones before you reach the limit of maximum turns.

Quadromania is a work in progress. I currently lack the time to do a decent development on it. However the current alpha release is somewhat playable and working.



  • GNU C Compiler (preferrably 3.2 but works with older ones as well)
  • GNU Make
  • SDL
  • SDL_image

You can find SDL and SDL_image at the SDL website.

The current release adds support for autoconf and automake.


NOTICE: This is currently alpha software. Do not expect everything to work. It may crash or even do not compile!
Each archive contains a file called INSTALL. This contains installation instructions.

Gopher Test Project

This is our Gopher Test Project. It concludes my research concerning this vintage hypertext protocol. It included the development of an experimental server.


Outdated as of October 18th 2007.

Experimental Gopher server in bash

This is our first implementation of the Gopher protocol. It is written in Bash. It needs some tweaking. It should be run from inetd. No more instructions provided – see the code for details.
Download (7.7 K)

KDE Support Center

ASM Software offers you some simple components to enhance your KDE desktop. They include servicemenus to improve some handlings from the Konqueror filemanager and some icons for your use.

Archive icon set

A small set of icons you can use and associate with various packer formats like ZIP, ARJ, RAR, ACE, 7z and LZH.
Download (29,6K) 7Z Format

Extract 7z servicemenu

A simple service menu for Konqueror that enables you to unpack 7z archives with a single click.
To install this service menu, simply copy the .desktop file to ~/.kde/share/apps/konqueror/servicemenues/ and restart Konqueror.
Download .desktop file

Mount ISO image as virtual CDROM

This little servicemenu allows you to mount and unmount ISO images as a virtual CDROM via the loopback device of your Linux kernel.
The commands will prompt you for your root password.
To install this service menu, simply copy the .desktop file to ~/.kde/share/apps/konqueror/servicemenues/ and restart Konqueror. Additionally you have to create the required mount point for the virtual CDROM as root. The default pathname is /media/isoimage but you can change it in the desktop entry file with any texteditor.
Download .desktop file

Tools & Utilities

Tree Utility

This is the little tree utility published in the Linux Gazette.
Download (9.3 K)

Maintenance Mailer

This is a small utility to create a report mail out of the sys logs.
A shell script for BASH.
Download (9.8 K)


This perl script creates and index of HTML files. Not by ASM Software but packaged by us.
Download (4.4 K)


mp3convert is a small shell script.
Its purpose is to convert whole Audio CDs into mp3 files.
The programs cdda2wav and bladeenc are required for proper operation.
Download (1.9 K)