© 1999/2002 by Matthias Arndt <>

This is a FREEWARE game published by ASM Software. It is the first ever ST game from ASM Software that gets published!

This is a little shoot’em up game for up to 2 players. It was build with SEUCK.


  • Atari ST computer with 512k of RAM (or even more)
  • ROM TOS (this game has not been tested with MultiTOS, Mint or other multitasking OSes on the ST)
  • colo(u)r display
  • one (or preferrably two) joystick(s)

This game has been tested on an Atari 520STM, an Atari 1040STFM, STEEM and Hatari.

A user reported it does work on STEs as well!

Further information and instructions can be found in the provided README file. The game comes as a disk image in MSA format ready to be used with any popular Atari ST emulator. You can write it back to a floppy disk and play the game on a real Atari ST machine as well.

Simply boot the disk and doubleclick on MEGASTAR.SCK.

Make sure to install RUNGAME.PRG as an application with *.SCK files. The provided DESKTOP.INF does this automatically.

Download , play and spread it!
Download .MSA disk image (77.9 K)
Download file version (60.2 K)