Atari Powerpack instructions

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Notes: Power Pack has 20 games in 12 floppy disks (A-L).

The text comes from 16 small (floppy disk size) cards of the Power Pack filled with instuctions.

Thanks to Shad_War for typing the text of Predator card, and shooting the photos!

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Atari Powerpack 20 Superb Software Games
Atari Powerpack 20 Superb Software Games
Atari Powerpack 20 Superb Software Games (backside)
Atari Powerpack 20 Superb Software Games (backside)
A Afterburner Mediagenic view A_069_3
B R-Type Electric Dreams view A_046
C Gauntlet II U.S. Gold view ?
D Super Hang-On Electric Dreams view A_013
E Space Harrier Elite view A_104
F Overlander Elite view A_007
Super Huey U.S. Gold view A_003
Starglider Rainbird view A_060
G Eliminator Hewson view A_009
Nebulus Hewson view A_009
Pacmania Grandslam view A_025
H Predator Activision view A_033
I Bomb Jack Elite view A_016
Bombuzal Imageworks view A_035
Xenon Melbourne House view A_028
J Double Dragon Melbourne House view A_045
K Black Lamp Firebird view A_010
Outrun U.S. Gold view A_064
L Star Goose Logotron view A_014
Star Ray Logotron view A_015
LOADING INSTRUCTIONSEnsure that your computer and television are connected as shown in your ST Owner’s Manual.

Switch off the computer and insert the disk containing the game you wish to play.

Switch on the computer and follow the instructions shown on screen.

Note that some larger games may take one or two minutes to load.

Predator Instruction card from Atari Powerpack
Predator Instruction card from Atari Powerpack
Predator Instruction card from Atari Powerpack (backside)
Predator Instruction card from Atari Powerpack (backside)


Shake... Rattle... Roll it...
You've played the smash arcade game, now experience the white
knuckled realism of a supersonic dogfight at home! Using your heat-
seeking missiles and laser aircraft fire, can you be top gun againsr a
seething supersonic swarm?
Experience brain-numbing G-forces, scan with your radar, lock on
your target and fire!
Afterburner puts you in the hot seat of an F-14 fighter armed with
missiles and laser cannons and ready for battle.

Your F-14 is fitted with advanced weapons and control systems that will
help you in your supersonic mission. Details of these are listed below:-
CANNONS - These are automatically activated when an enemy appears
on the screen. To hit an enemy simply steer the cannon fire at te target
by banking the F-14. You are awarded one hit for each enemy you shoot
MISSILES - Thesecan be fired at the locked on targets. One hit is
awarded for every aircraft shot down.
LOCK-ON INDICATOR - The lok-on indicator places a small target over
enemy aircraft which tells you when you can shoot them down with your
missiles. Locking on happens automatically.
WARNING LIGHTS - These flash at the bottom of the screen to warn of
aircrafr behind you. If they fire a missile you have only seconds to react
and carry out a 360 degree roll to confuse their locking systems.
REFUELLING - This happens automatically and can involve either mid air
refuelling or landing at a desert base. During this sequence you will also
receive extra missiles.
During the game bonus lives will be awarded as certain stages are
completed and bonus points will be added to your score depending the
number of hits you have scored. The more hits you achive the greater the
bonus will be.

Once the game has loaded a menu of option is displayed on the screen
with options to change the following:-
0 - Music on or off.
1 - Sound effects on or off.
2 - Change mouse scaling. Enter a number between 0 (very sensitive) to 7
(insensitive) to determine how far you must move the mouse to bank the
3 - Load high score table.

Press FIRE or MOUSE BUTTONS start the game.
Press BACKSPACE to pause the game (fire to restart).
Press ESC to quit the game.

Afterburner can be controlled by either the joystick (port 1) or the mouse
(port 0) and there is no need to select either. Just pic one up and start
Joystick and mouse movements have the following effects:-
UP			Climb.
DOWN			Dive.
LEFT			Bank Left.
RIGHT			Bank Right.
FIRE			Fire Missiles.
RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON	Increase speed.
SPACE BAR		Increase speed.

To perform a 360 degree roll firsr bank, for example, left and then quickly
wiggle the joystick right then left (left then right if you bank right).
Learn this manoeuvre, it is the only way to avoid enemy missiles fired at
you from behind.


Deep in the cosmos, the ultimate terror...The Bydo Empire - evil, horrific,
deadly. In the dark recesses of time and space, its terrifying crearures
roam the cosmos,waging war on Planet Earth. The desperate battle has
just begun...
As pilot of the R-9 fighter plane, it is your mission to crush these
interstellar monsters using every sophisticated weapon at your disposal.
Only your skill and reaction stand between victory - and the devastation
of mankind...
At last, the arcade sensation bursts on to your home screen with
several stages, terrains and a compelling scroll feature - the ultimate in
thrilling gameplay.

Behind the controls of the R-9 fighter, you are Mankind's last hope against
the crearures of the Bydo Empire, whose very sight inspires fear. Through
joystick control you must battle your way through their invasion force
before taking on the giant creature that guards the entrance to the next
The creatures of the Bydo Empire attack in waves, on land and even
burst through the surface to get at you so you must always be on your
guard. Although the R-9 fighter is armed with a laser which you can fire as
single bursts or built up the power for a super shot you can add more
weapons by collecting jewels released when some aliens are shot.
The first jewel collected releases a special weapon known as the Force
that can be attached to either the front or the back of the R-9 or sent
ahead to clear a path or sent to fight a rearguard action behind yoy.
Subsequent, collected jewels add one of the following weapons:-
REFLECTION LASER - Shots bounce off the walls.
ANTI AIRCRAFT LASER - takes out flying creatures.
GROUND LASER - Blasts the difficult to hit ground based creatures.

HOMING MISSILES - Tracks down and destroys it's target.
EXTRA SPEED - To get you in and out of trouble.
SHIELD ORBS - These mimic your moves and add to your firepower.

R-Type gives you five credits every time you play the game with which you
can continue from your last position when you lose your last life. To do
this you must press fire within 9 seconds otherwise the game will restart
from the beginning.

The R-9 fighter is controlled by a joystick in port1.
Joystick directions move the R-9 fighter.
To collect jewels move into them.
FIRE - Fires the laser bolts.
PRESS AND HOLD FIRE - Builds up the firepower into a supersht that is
fired when the button is released.
SPACE BAR - Detaches and retrieves the Force.

The function keys have the following effects:-
F1 - No Sound.
F2 - Music.
F3 - Sound Effects.
F4 - Pause.
F10 - Quit.

1) Use the Force to either clear a space forward or fight a rearguard
   action. Don't leave it attached to the R-9.
2) Use the supershot to clear a path through crowded areas and to destroy
   the larger creatures.
3) The wak spots of the giant creatures are usually the best defended. A
   well timed supershot should clear your way through to the next stage.
4) Use the continue feature to learn the game before going for those high


100 levels of murder, magic and mayhem await the brave explorer if you
accept the challenge of Gauntlet II. Each level is packed with monsters to
stay, treasure to plunder and magic items to collect. You must guide your
hero through each level avoiding the traps and monsters to the exit while
collecting as much treasure and magic as possible on the way. You must
also look out for food and drink as this will top up your heroes health and
keep him going for another level. If you lose all your health the game is
Four brave heroes, each with their own abilities wait, to accept the
THOR THE WARRIOR - Thor is armed with a toughened skin and a battle
axe making him ideal for hand to hand combat.
THYRA THE VALKYRIE - Thyra wields a sword and is lightly armoured
and provides a nice balance between close combat and long range spells.
MERLIN THE WIZARD - Merlin's long range spells can stop most things
but keep yor distance as he has no armour and no weapons.
QUESTOR THE ELF - Lightly armoured, Questor is built for speed and
has a dagger for close combat but inflicts more damage with his long
range bow.
Follow loading instructions and then move joystick to select hero. Once
game begins move hero with joystick and press fire to launch ranged
To collect objects, engage in hand to hand combat or open doors with
keys simply - move your hero into them.
Player 1 uses joystick port 1 and magic button ALTERNATE.
Player 2 uses joystick port 2 and magic button CAPS LOCK.
pressing the magic button causes the hero to drink a collected potion.
MONSTERS - Monsters pour out of generators tht lie in the dungeon
depths. The hero must destroy both to halt the assault.
GHOSTS - They hit you and then disappear. Shoot them from long range.

GRUNTS - These will attack you with their clubs.
DEMONS - From long range they shoot fireballs at you. Up close, they bite.
LOBBERS - These cowards throw rocks over walls at you and then run
SORCERERS - These are difficult to hit as they can turn invisible.
DEATH - Only magic can stop him taking 2000 health points before
SUPER SORCERERS - You can only stun these and you need magic to do
ACID PUDDLES - These wander aimlessly and can only be stunned by
IT - If you touch this you become IT and the target of all monsters.
THAT - This monster chases you through the maze and steals either 100
health points, a potion or a special power.
DRAGON - Hit them several times on the head and avoid their fiery breath.
THIEF - Tracks the players and steals items from the richest player.
The dungeon levels contain objects to collect and traps to avoid.
POTIONS - Destroy or stun monsters when drank using the magic button.
SPECIAL POTIONS - Give the players special abilities including extra
armour, magic power, shot speed, shot power, fight power or increases the
number of items a hero can carry from 10 to 15.
FOOD - Adds 100 health points.
POISONED FOOD - Also poisoned potions cost the player 50 health points.
KEYS - Open doors.
TREASURE CHESTS - Locked or unlocked can contain food, potion or
AMULETS- These give the heroes temporary powers including invisibility,
invulnerability, transportability, 10 super shots or reflective shots.
WALLS - Mostly impenetrable but some can be shot.
TRAPS - Glowing patterns on the floor that make walls disappear.
STUN TILES - Paralyses player for a few moments.
TRANSPORTERS - Stand on one and appear on another.
FORCE FIELDS - Turn on and off in sequence and drain health points.
EXITS - The way to the next level, but beware, some are phoney.


Prepare for the ultimate in bike racing. We're not just talking about a
race here, we're talking about THE race. The ultimate trial of man and
machine. Not a cross-country but a cross-continent by whatever route gets
you through. It's the ultimate challenge to burn rubber in the dust of
Africa , the mystical green of Asis, the concrete jungles of America and
the wide open spaces of Europe.
The different continents represent levels of the game with Africa
being the easiest with six stages and Europe the most difficult with 18.
You begin each race with 50 seconds to reach the next stage. If you make
it, you earn yourself 30 more seconds to complete the next stage and each
subsequent stage until you finaly reach the finishing line. The bike is
conrolled either by mouse or the joystick with the fire button operating the
Nitro button that takes you to top speeds when the speed figure, at the top
of the screen, turns red.
You're not the only one in the race so look out for the other bikes who may
try and nudge you off the track. If there are no obstacles in the way, such as
trees or signs, then you can come straight back on. If there are and you
crash, you'll restart the race in the centre of the track but you will have lost
valuable seconds.
Once the game has loaded a list of four menu options are displayed through
which you can define game criteria. These options are selected by pressing
the appropriate letter key.
S - Sensitivity Adjust.
In joystick mode, this causes a cycling of the three joystick sensitivities
(speed with which the man leans from side to side). In mouse control mode
this produces a separate instruction screen to define the scale of left and
right mouse movements you will make.
C - Control Adjust.
This toggles between mouse and joystick control. Control selected at
startup is mouse

R - Scan Rate Adjust.
This toggles between 50 and 60HZ. 50 HZ is normal.
H - Save/Load High Scores.
This produces a seperate menu from which you can load and save hi-score
To start the game either press the fire button or mouse button. The
continent screen will then be displayed. This is used to select which
continent you wish to play. Use the ACCELERATE control to swap
between them and NITRO control to select. The same two controls are
used to swap between and select one of the four pieces of music that will
play during the games or you can press the SPACE BAR to select no key.

In joystick control mode, the following controls apply:-
LEFT			Lean Left.
RIGHT			Lean Right.
FORWARD			Accelerate.
BACK			Brake.
FIRE			Nitro.

In mouse control mode, the following controls apply:-
MOVE LEFT		Lean Left (amount of lean determined
MOVE RIGHT		Lean Right (by mouse movement).
SPACE BAR		Brake (Also any joystick movement or

In all control modes, the following controls apply:-
ESC			Pause game. (Press RETURN to continue).
CLR HOME		Quit game while paused.


Our hero, a seasoned veteran of many Space Wars is on the scene again.
This time to save the Dragon land which is occupied by barbaric and evil
creatures and controlled by  supernatural phenomena.
Space Harrier is an original action packed adventure that pits you in
mortal combat with aliens of another planet.

Space Harrier is probably the most alien game you will ever play as it pits
you alone, against a planetful of dangers. Armed with a laser bolt gun and
a jetpack that allows you to fly on this low gravity world you must fight
alien monsters while avoiding meteor storms as well as natural hazards such
as giant rock columns and trees.
The result is agame in which your reactions will have to be finely tuned
and combined with an ice cool nerve, as any mistake will cost you one
of your three lives.

Space Harrier gives you four credits when you begin a game which are used
up every time you lose your third life. As long as you press fire within
the nine second countdown the game will continue from your previous
position. If the countdown reaches zero you will begin the game again from
the first screen.

Space Harrier can be controlled either through the joystick or the mouse.
On loading the mouse is selected.
To select the joystick or revert back to the mouse press the following keys
when the title screen is displayed.
M - Mouse.
J - Joystick.

To pause the game press the SPACE BAR. (any key to continue).
Mouse and Joystick controls are identical and are as follows:-
LEFT				Fly or run left.
RIGHT				Fly or run right.
UP				Take off or fly up.
DOWN				Land or fly down.
FIRE(or either mouse button)	Fire laser bolt.
Space Harrier is played in anumber of stages each culminating in a duel
with a flying dragon. To help you start your quest here is what you will
face in the first stage.
METEORS - These are designed to catch unwary flying players. They can
not be shot and must be avoided.
WAVE ALIENS - Thes attack in set patterns that can be learned to plan
your best moment to attack them. Hint - They only fire at you when they fly
towards you and try and catch you in a crossfire.
TRIPLE ALIENS - Three ball shaped aliens fly towards you and the open up
to fire spinning bolts at you. Take them out before they get you.
TREES - Don't underestimate the impact a tree can have on an unwary
So, keep an eye out for these while you're dodging the alien fire. Unlike
the giant rock pillars in later stages you can avoid a collision if you're
quick enough with the fire button.
THE DRAGON - A mighty monster that breathes fire as it charges at you.
You will have to hit this monster several times before you destroy it. As you
weaken it, it changes colour until it turns purple before exploding. The
way is then open to the next stage and even greater challenges.

1) Use the continue option to learn the stages before going for those high
2) Learn what monsters do and which ones can be shot or must be avoided.

The UX-1XA is a new, experimental helicopter using the latest in electronic
control systems and stabilisation. This simulation takes you through the
early stages of learning to fly and then onto mapping, search and rescue
and compat missions. Follow the instructions for the sample fight and
practise using the controls and reading the banks of instruments untill
you 're confident enough to try one of the missions. But remember the
controls must be handled gently as sudden movements can send the
helicopter crashing out of control.

Once the game has loaded and the title sequence is complete press the F7
key to power up the onboard computer and type in MISSION (then press
RETURN) followed by one of the four mission commands and press
The Super Huey screen has a comprehensive bank of instuments.
Above the main view (from left to right) are the incoming radio frequency,
homing device heading, navigation heading, rescue device heading,
navigation marker screen, machine gun and rocket arming indicators and
system status indicator lights.
In the centre below the main view is the onboard computer screen and
to the left of that three engine indicators (blue is normal, yellow and red
are warnings).
Across the bottom are gauges that show the fuel level, oil pressure, engine
temperature, wind direction, collective pitch, air speed, speedometer, ground
proximity and altimeter readings, as well as the artificial horizon.
Follow the example flight instructions to locate these controls and their


The four main control systems of a helicopter are:-
1)The cyclic controls the direction and altitude of the helicopter.
2)The collective controls the amount of thrust produced by the rotor
  blades in the direction set by the cyclic.
3)The throttle directly controls engine power output and RPM.
4)The anti-torque control adjusts torque compensation and directional
  control	(by yawing) to maintain heading.

The Super Huey is controlled by mouse controls and through keyboard
commands typed into the onboard computer.
Pressing and holding the left mouse button engages cyclic control (operates
like normal helicopter cyclic controller. In this mode mouse movement
controls forward thrust (FORWARD - increase, BACK - decrease) and
banking left and right including diagonals.

Pressing and holding the right mouse button engages collective control:-
FORWARD	- Increase pitch angle decrease lift.
BACK	- Increase blade pitch and produce more lift
LEFT	- Increase throttle.
RIGHT	- Decrease throttle.

LEFT SHIFT	- Fires rockets.
RIGHT SHIFT	- Fires machine guns.

F1-F4	- First press loads rocket into bay (1-4) ,second press arms
F5	- Arms the machine guns in combat missions.
F6	- Not used.
F7	- Computer on.
F8	- Start engine.
F9	- Engage rotor clutch.
F10	- Cut power.


You must type at least the first three letters and then press RETURN.
ABORT	-Quit current mission.
AUTO	-Set automatic course correction. When prompted enter
CLIMATE	-Displays climatic readings including temperature, humidity etc.
DISTANCE-Displays line-of-sight distance from take-off point.
HOMING	-Drop a homing device that transmits data to navigational
MISSION	-Select new mission (see getting started for selection).
POWER	-Turn on power.
SEND	-Send co-ordinates when landing or during emergency.
VOR	-Activate VHF range reception for navigation.
VSI	-Display digital vertical speed reading.
XXX	-Cancel previous command input.

Follow the instructions for a sample flight. Press F7 and type MISSION.
1) Type POW to turn on power and press F8 to start engine. Wait for engine
temperatures to reach middle range and then increase throttle to 1200 RPM.
2) Engage rotor clutch (F9) and wait for rotor RPM to stabilise at about a
tenth of engine RPM. Increase throttle to build RPM to take-off speed
(3500-3600 engine, 350-360 rotor RPM). Make sure collective pitch is
fully down before increasing throttle.
3) Increase pitch (collective down) as lift is attained - watch for wind
drift and instability. Use cyclic diagonals to control position and heading.
Control pitch until you reach a steady hover at 90-100 feet.
4) Select heading with rudder controls (cyclic diagonals) and then forward
to build up some airspeed. Practice switching between the two control modes
to attain steady flight but make adjustments small and controllable.
5) Bring airspeed to between 70 and 90 knots and climb to at least 300 feet
(the minimum height from which you can try an emergency autorotative
landing in the event of engine failure).Adjust collective to achieve straight


and level flight. Try maintaining straight course with both cyclic and
collective control. Watch magnetic compass for heading.
6) To return to base bank a full 180 degree turn and when you get close to
the base begin descent by reducing collective (BACK) while maintaining
airspeed with cyclic. When ground proximity reads 100ft slowly increase
collective pitch to reduce descent. Also decrease throttle. At 20-25 feet
bring the ship to zero airspeed and hover then gradually decrease lift with
the collective to lower the helicopter to the ground. Just before touchdown
add some lift to cushion your landing.
7) When on the ground immediately DECREASE PITCH TO FULL LOW
and press F10 to cut the engine.

An emergency landing is possible without power from above 300ft. To
attempt a landing try to keep rotor RPM through forward or vertical
movement through the air. To control descent try to gain a high forward
speed, while reducing drug by reducing collective pitch, yet keep enough lift
to check the rate of descent. Near the ground, a full flare manoeuvre with
back cyclic combined with a quick and substantial collective pitch increase
should cut vertical speed enough for a reasonably soft landing.

1) Flight instruction - The onboard computer leads you through a flight.
2) Explore - Map the area around the base. Hint - organise your sweep in
3) Rescue - Military personnel are lost or incapacitated. Find them through
their homing deacon and bring them back (Your helicopter can hold four).
The beacon will only provide you with a general heading it's up to you to
establish a search pattern.
4) Combat - Your desert base is under attack. Recon the area and engage if
possible. You need to kill 32 bandits so use your rockets and machine guns
well. Don't forget to load and arm rockets in the bays with F1-F4.


StarGlider is a futuristic tactical arcade challenge in which you stand alone
against an entire invasion force. You are Jaysan and you control Novenia's
last free craft, a small laser armed Airborne Ground Attack Vehicle. Your
home planet has been conquered by the Egron empire lead by Fleet
Commander Hermann Krudd in his StarGlider One.
The Egron's had tried to conquer Novenia before but had failed because of
the giant Sentinel robot craft that ring the planet and protect it's inhabitants.
Unfortunately, Krudd was no ordinary Egron and had built his invasion fleet
in the shape of the giant StarGlider birds and had sneaked past the
defences and was now destroying everything in his path.
On Novenia's small moon Jaysan stood helpless and watced the
destruction but eventually found an old museum piece, an AGAV, and
rushed into battle. A battle of revenge.
Novenia is now a hostile planet and you should blast almost anything that
moves with only a few excepyions. In the midst of the debris you will find
slow revolving blue silos that you can dock with for much needed repairs
and refuelling. Skill pilots may also refuel by skimming the energy flowing
between energy towers (the screen will turn red when the
energy scoops are active). You are outgunned and outnumbered but you're
the only chance you've got.

The screen display shows the view out of the windscreen of your Airborne
Ground Attack Vehicle as well as the following instruments.
Above the main display - Heading (N,S,E and W) or direction of travel.
Below the main display (Centre) - Local Area Scanner that plots the position
of each building and vehicle. Below that the sector number that you are
currently in (X and Y position in 100 x 100 grid). On either side of the
scanner are bank level indicators and waveforms showing the status of the
plasma drive (ignore unless it stops then it will be too late).


Below the main display (Left) - From top to bottom. The shield status (don't let
this get below 10%), Laser Cell Status (if this drains completely you won't be
able to fire), Altitude Meter (if it flashes you are too low) and the missile
indicator that shows the number of missiles left on board.
Below the main display (Right) - At the top is the Energy Level (keep this
above 15%) and below that the Velocity Indicator showing current air speed.
The AGAV can be controlled from both the mouse and the keyboard.
Mouse controls.
The mouse can be used to control the flight of the AGAV and fire the ships
Mouse Movement		Action.
Forward			Decrease Altitude
Backward		Increase Altitude
Left			Bank Left
Right			Bank Right
Left Mouse Button	Fire Lasers
Right Button + Forward	Accelerate
Right Button + Backward	Decelerate

Keyboard controls.
Key		Action.
Backspace	Freeze (any key to resume game)
ESC		Quit.
Q		Sound Off.
S		Sound On.
F		Toggle between Fixed and Floating Sights.
I		Interrogate Silo Computer (When docked).
K		Redefine keys while title screen is displayed.
;		Decrease Altitude.
.		Increase Altitude.


X		Bank Left.
C		Bank Right.
RETURN		Fire Lasers.
SPACE BAR	Accelerate / Launch from Silo.
/		Decelerate.
L		Launch missile that you must guide to the target
		through it's remote control TV system.
PYRAMID MINES - They will detonate if you get too close.
WALKERS- Builds missile launchers and are unaffected by lase fire.
ENERGY TOWERS - You can refuel by flying between them.
STARGLIDER DRONE - Very dangerous. Attack with care.
EGRON BATTLE TANKS - Form the main attack force. Armed with missiles.
BUTE FIGHTER - Fast and manoeuvrable.
STOMPERS - Like Walkers they are impervious to lasers, but a lot tougher.
SKIM FIGHTER - Extremely fast.
JUNO CANON - Accurate missile launcher.
TRI-LAUNCHER - Dropped by Walkers they launch three deadly missiles.
PYRAMID LAUNCHER - Nothing known. Beware.
LOTUS STARGLIDER - Very fast and highly manoeuvrable.
STARGLIDER ONE - Human controlled killing machine.
SILO - This a friently building with which you can dock and repair damage
to your AGAV, recharge blasers and the plasma drive and load missiles.
Keep moving, make every shot count and choose your missile targets
carefully. Learn to skim between the energy towers and dock with silo
before and after each major battle.


The year is 2025. The soil is dry and scorched. The Earth was ruined when
the ozone layer collapsed at the end of the 20th Century. The scientists
tried to warn people but nothing was done. Now the people have retreated
to the safety of underground cities, away from the harmful effects of
ultraviolet radiation.
Today the only link between between the underground cities is the old network
of surface freeways which are now ruled by anarchic gangs of outcasts
known as the surface dwellers. The only people daring enough to make the
trips these days are the Overlanders. Overlanders are a breed apart whose
only passion in life are their customised cars. They risk their lives for
money because money means a faster, more powerful car.
As an Overlander you must run the gauntlet of the surface roads to deliver
cargo to earn the money to build a bigger and better car. When the game
begins you have the choice of cargo between the relatively safe secret
documents or the risky and illegal counterfeit money. The risks are greater
with the money but the rewards are greater.
Whatever the deal you get 50% up front with which you can buy fuel and
equipment for your car to get through the trip. This equipment all has
a price (some is too expensive for a novice like you) and includes weapons
like flame bombs and rockets, armour plating and bullet proofing and even
an extra life or a more efficient engine. (Choose with joystick, select by
pressing fire).
On the roads you will face many hazards including cars and bikes that
try to ram you and push you off the road, giant trucks that hurl fire bombs
at you, as well as gun emplacements at the side of the road.
If you survive the trip you'll get the rest of the cash and the chance
of another trip.
CONTROLS	- Joystick only.
FORWARD		- Accelerate
BACK		- Brake
LEFT/RIGHT	- Steer left or right.
FIRE		- fire weapon.


Fight your way up tower after tower in this intriguing race against time.
To do this you will have to solve the maze of platforms, doors and aliens
(some you can shoot, others you must avoid). When you reach the top of a
tower it will crumble and you can grab bonus points by catching fish on
your way to the next tower.
Nebulus is controlled only by joystick with the following effects:-
LEFT	Walk left.
REIGHT	Walk Right.
UP	Enter Door/ Go Up on Lift.
DOWN	Go Down on Lift.
FIRE	Shoot Snowball or Jump when walking.
P =	Pause Game.
Q =	Quit Game.


Pacman is back, only this time in glorious 3d, as now you can munch your
way through four different landscapes as you enter the worlds of Block
Town, Pac-man's Park, Sandbox Land and Jungly Steps. You can even set
your own level of challenge by starting at any of the first three worlds.
Things are tougher this time as Clyde has recruited two new ghosts, Sue
and Funky.
Pacman now has the ability to jump over single ghosts but still must
clear the screens by munching all the dots while avoiding the ghosts. On
each world there are power pills that turn the tables and allow Pacman to
munch the ghosts but this only lasts a few seconds. Fruit still appears for
bonus points but now you can also collect red and green power pills that
give Pacman double points and extra speed.
The joystick controls Pacman's movements.
Press fire to jump over a ghost.
Press SHIFT P to pause game. (P to continue)
Press SHIFT Q to quit.
Press M to toggle music.
Press H to view high scores.


From undergound there came a machine encircled by death, that kills but
cannot be killed... The Eliminator. A war machine whose solitary quest is
to eradicate all forms of life - travelling from world to world obliterating
all in it's path.

Eliminator is a progressive shoot-em-up set on a long winding track. The
objective of the game is to drive your vehicle through each stage, shooting
everything in sight and negotiating or destroying obstacles. You begin the
game with three lives and any contact with an alien or obstacle will cost
you a life as will the loss of shields cause by alien fire.
The object and creations you will meet along the track come in
various forms:-
ALIENS - These bounce around and home in on you. Blast them.
WALLS - Stationary objects that cannot be destroyed.
RAMPS - Sloping ramps that either flip you in the air or onto the ceiling.
AMMO BONUSES - Collect these revolving cubes to top up your limited
WEAPON BONUSES - Collect these revolving pyramids to add to your
arsenal of weapons. You begin with a single fire cannon and can add a dual-
fire cannon, side-fire cannon, bouncing bombs, double-fire cannon and triple-
fire cannon.
These weapons are displayed on the left hand side of the screen. On
the right, from top to bottom are displays showing your ammo stocks, shield
energy and number of lives left.
The craft is controlled using the joystick only.
LEFT/RIGHT	Steer left or right.
UP/DOWN		Select weapon from those available.
FIRE		Shoot weapons.
SPACE BAR	Pause/Continue.
Q		Quit
F1/F2		Music on/off
F3/F4		Sound FX on/off
F5/F6		50/60Hz screen

Disk H

The Hunt is on...
"... A straightforward misson they said - 'top secret' - ha aren't they
always!..." But not this time.
"We gotta' rescue three Presidential allies and any surviving crew of
a chrashed chopper. That's easy enough. Those pen pushers could never
get by in that jungle. Out there it's a fight for survival! and anyway,
were those stiff necks from Capital Hill doin' in that neck of the
'Top Secret' i'll bet!..."

But this time it's different.
"...They reckon some local guerrilla force is gonna' make the rescue
tough. Ha! At least it gives a bit more of a challenge to a mercenary
me. Me? I'm the meanest predator in the universe. I'll hunt 'em high
low - I've got bullets stamped with their name and zip code!..."

But this time it's you that's hunted.

You play the part of Major Alan Schaefer, a seasoned soldier heading up
crew on another top secret mission. As the game begins you're the last
be dropped from the helicopter and take up your rearguard position.
Something's wrong. You soon come across Hawkins. Who could have
done that to him? You pick up his weapon and carry on. Sure there's a
guerrilla force that keeps shooting at you, but there's something else.
Something alien.
Later, you find a squad of green berets strung up in the trees and
skinned! There's something nasty out there and you're going to need all
you skill, cunning and perhaps a small nuclear device to stop it.

LOADING - Hit SPACE BAR to continue load.

At the top of the scrolling screen a display shows the number of lives
have left, an energy level showing the state of the current life, the
weapon you are carrying and the ammo left for it, number of grenades
have, your score and the mission clock. You must complete your mission
before this clock reads 00:00.
Every now and again the screen will change colour and show the
creatures eye view as well as a triangular cursor. If you get caught in
this sight the creature will claim one of your lives.

Predator is controlled through a combination of joystick and keyboard

Joystick Controlls.

Actions achived without fire button pressed whilst holding weapon
Left, Right and diagonals  Run in that direction.
Up			Jump.
Down			Crouch.

With Fire button pressed.
Fire in that direction.
Without fire button pressed and with no weapon held.
Diagonally up and left and up and right kick.
Up			Punch.
Down			Block.

Keyboard Controlls.

SPACE BAR		Throw Grenade (long).
LEFT HAND SHIFT		Throw Grenade (short).
RETURN			Pick up/drop item.

Press FIRE to restart game.

Choose and use your weapons with care.


Bombuzal is an expolsive game of strategy and skill in which you must
clear screens within a time limit by exploding all the bombs and mines that
you can find while ensuring your own safety.

Once the game has loaded a title screen appears with icons that control
the style of game you will play.
PLAYERS - Click on "one up" or "two up"
CONTROL - Click on the icons beneath "one up" and "two up" to select
the controls for each player. The icons will change to represent the control
method currently selected. Double click on the keyboard icon to redefine
the control keys used.
VIEW - To select 2D or 3D view, click the icon to the left and right of the
"one up" and "two up" panels respectively.
HI-SCORE - Click on this to display hi-score table.
START - Begins the game.
NEW - Start a game from level 1 or CONT to continue a game.
SPACE BAR - Displays map of level during game.
F1 - During game this key toggles between 2D and 3D view.

When you finish a game you will be given a code word that will enable you
to start new games from a higher level.
To enter this code, click on the code box on the title screen, and then type
in the code. Selecting "new" from the start box will take you to the level
corresponding to that code.
To activate a bomb, a droid or to flip a switch-move onto its tile, press and
hold the fire button down for the duration of the countdown. The bombs will
not detonate until you move off the tile.
To pick up a bomb: move onto its tile and press the fire button quickly.
To drop a bomb: move onto a tile with a slot in it and press the fire button


During the game, the status line displaysthe following information:
Current score; Number of lives; Time remaining; Current level; Number of
bombs mines remaining on the current level.

Each level is made up of different kinds of tiles:
Normal - These will be completely destroyed by explosions.
Slotted - These will be destroyed by explosions BUT bombs that are on
these tiles can be moved along the slots to other slotted tiles. A bomb
cannot be carried to a tile without slot.
Riveted - These will NOT be destroyed by explosions.
Dissolver - When you move off of one of these, it will disappear.
Ice - You cannot stop on these - when you move onto one side, you will
slide until you reach the other side of it, if it is next to another ice tile you
will carry on sliding until you meet another tile or fall off the edge.

When a bomb or mine is detonated it will destroy tiles and set off other
bombs and mines within its blast radious - shown on the screen.
Swell Bombs - These are bombs which change size, varying between
small, medium and large.
A-Bombs - When one of these is detonated, any other A-Bomb on the
level will be set off automatically.


Power Temples - If a bomb explodes next to one of these, the explosion
is sucked into it, causing it to explode, but containing the blast.
Teleport - These will teleport you to another space on the level -
whether there is a tile there or not. Whilst you are teleporting you are
immune to explosions.
Spinner - If you stand still too long, not only does your time limit expire
quicker, but a spinner will appear and shoot you off the tile in a random
Switch - Flipping a switch will cause a section of the level to change in
one of a variety of ways. The switch will then toggle between this new
state and its previous one.
Bubble (Droid) - When Bubble is activated, you take control of him. He
behaves exactly as you would, but once he has detonated a bomb or mine
he will die.
Sqweek (Droid) - He is just like Bubble except that he will detonate the
first bomb he comes across.
When you are in control of a droid you are immune to the harmful affects
of your enemies BUT be careful not to blow yourself up.
Sinister (Enemy) - An enemy that moves around the tiles. Sinister will
turn to the left whenever possible.
Dexter (Enemy) - As Sinister, but turns to the right whenever possible.
You will lose a life if you make contact with any of the enemies, however,
you can destroy them by blowing up the tile they are on or, protect yourself
by isolating them on a tile.


Blast your way through four levels of four stages of the toughest
shoot-em-up action you will face. You will fight both on the ground and in
the air by swapping between yout two craft as and when required to take on
the alien army of Spinners, Sidewinders, Stalks and the awesome Sentinels.

To change between craft press SPACE BAR or quickly wiggle joystick.
F1/F2 -	One or two player game (use same joystick)
F3 -	Pause the game (fire to restart)
F10 -	Quit the game.

When alien weapon emplacements are destroyed they may be replaced by
power pills. Collect these to improve your chances in the game. These
include pills that add temporary invincibility (A), extra fuel (F), a homing laser
(H), lasers (L), guns (G), adds wing tip weapons (W), small bombs (Z)
and remote ships that mimic your movements (balls).


around the screens collecting all the bombs before the horde of nasties hunt
him down. Look out also for bonus tokens that freeze the nasties for a few
moments giving you a chance of completing the harder levels.

Bomb Jack is controlled through joystick movements and can jump when fire
is pressed. Try and control him while in mid air to win the game.


Double Dragon is the story of twin brothers, Bill and Jimmy Lee, facing
the odds together in a city where survival has to be earned the hard way.
Their knowledge of the martial arts, combined with the experience of tough
urban existence, has made them both formidable fighting machines. But now
the brothers face their greatest challenge ever as billy's girl Marian has
been kidnapped by the Black Warriors, a savage and ruthless street gang led
by the mysterious Shadow Boss. Using all their skills and whatever weapons
that they can find they set out to confront the gang.
The action takes place in five different scenarios and begins in the
city slum and continiues through the industrial area and a forest and both
outside and inside the Boss's hideout. As you hunt through the urban decay
you will find boxes, rocks, oil-drums, knives, baseball bats and whips. All
of these can be picked up and used as weapons. If you don't, the gang
members will.

Double Dragon is true coin-op conversion and gives you five credits to play
the game. Should you run out of lives you can use a credit to continue the
game until you have used all your credits.
The lives each brother has remaining are displayed at the bottom of
the screen as well as a gauge showing the number of hits (six maximum) he
can take before losing his next life. When a character is hit he falls to
the ground and drops the weapon he is carrying. So you have to move quickly
to get it back. You will also lose a life if the timer clockruns out.

The gang will attack from almost every doorway or behind every tree so that
you have to keep on your guard at all times. Look out particularly for
Lopar who likes throwing barrels, Williams who wields a baseball bat,
Chintai the kung-fu master and , of course, the machine gun armed Boss.

The game is strewn with traps to catch the unwary player such as steep
drops to fall off, pits to fall in as well as broken bridges and moving
stone blocks.

Double Dragon is a one or two player game and you will need a joystick
plugged in for each player.

Joystick Controls.

Without fire button pressed.
Joystick direction moves the brother around the screen.

With Fire Button Pressed. (Facing Right, if facing left reverse controls).
UP		Jump Up.
RIGHT UP	Jump Forward.
RIGHT		Kick Forward.
RIGHT DOWN	Jump and Kick Forwards.
DOWN		Head Butt.
LEFT DOWN	Whirlwind Kick.
LEFT		Elbow Backward.
LEFT UP		Jump Backward.

Fire Button only either punches left or right, picks up nearby weapon or
uses weapon.

1) If you're attacked by a group take out the weapon carriers first and use
   their weapons against the others.
2) Learn where and when the gang members attack and plan accordingly.
3) Use the traps to your advantage. For example, put a pit between you and
   an enemy.


Outrun is the chart-topping car racing game in which you must hurtle across
the open road at breath taking speeds in your high performance sports car.
Your only opponent is the clock that ticks away as you charge towards the
check point that will give you extra time and a new target. Complete five
stages and you'll earn the title of king of the road.
Although five stages complete the course, there are 15 in total that
you select by the direction you take at three lined junctions. To find out
the best route you'll have to play the game or look at the course route map
displayed at the end of each game.

Once the game has loaded, press and hold down the space bar until a
menu appears at the top of the title screen. Moving the cursor over the
appropriate title reveals the menu options. The four menus are:-
OUTRUN -	Displays the game credits.
TUNE -		Turns the music on and off.
GAME - 		Start the game, continue a game, watch a demo, display the
		hi-scores able and select between some and many cars.
CONTROL -	Choose between mouse and joystick control.

You can use either the joystick or mouse to control and steer your car
around the course.
Fire -	Toggle between high and low gears.
ESC -	Resets Game.
T -	Toggles between the game tunes.
J -	Joystick Control
M -	Mouse Control
SPACE -	Select menu or pause game.
Collisions with other cars and obstacles will send you crashing off
the track. You can continue but you will have lost valuable time.


This is the story of Jolly Jack the Jester, hero of this Medieval mission
of daring and romance, and his quest to rid a kingdom of evil where the
reward for success is the hand of a Princess and the price of failure is
death. Through rustic landscapes and Gothic interiors you must seek out the
nine coloured lamps including the black lamp and return them to the chest.
Watch out for goblin warriors, dragonflies, slime witches and fearsome
Dragons as these are all out to kill you.

Jack is controlled by the joystick. To climb stairs or enter doors turn
Jack to face them and then push the joystick in that direction. To pick up
and object simply move into it. You can only carry one lamp at a time.

Joystick Controls.
UP		Exit Rear/Climb Up/ Standing Jump.
RIGHT UP	Right Diagonal Jump/Right Up Stairs.
RIGHT		Walk Right.
RIGHT DOWN	Right Down Stairs.
DOWN		Exit Front/Climb Down.
LEFT DOWN	Left Down Stairs.
LEFT		Walk Left.
LEFT UP		Left Diagonal Jump/Left Up Stairs.
FIRE		Fire magic bolt in that direction.

Collect food and drink to increase energy level bar at bottom of screen.
Collect 5 weapons for 30-40 seconds of super power shots.
Collect 5 musical instruments to restrict damage when falling from heights.
Collect 5 jewels fo 30-4 seconds of invulnerability.


After all the tests, the training and the dummy runs on the ice planet
Charon, you're at last a StarRay pilot and you're ready for your first
mission. This will take you to the planet Gorbaxa where the used Kryptium
(energy cells for the Star Cruisers) is stored. The cells are priceless and
dangerous and need a 24hr guard. If you survive that your next stop will be
the holidae planet of Siron. It's a holiday planet but dense impenetrable
jungle is growing at such an alarming rate that it could grow over the high
speed rail tracks within hours. Here, your mission will be to protect the
forest exterminator robots against the viscous wildlife. Next the ozone
layer on Sarlon needs protecting and...

Whatever the mission you will have to protect the ground based
installations against alien attack. When these have been destroyed the game
is over. The most common aliens are the Landers that not only fly and shoot
at you but also land on the installations and convert them. For example, on
Siron they turn the exterminator robots into gun emplacements which you
must also destroy.
Some Landers leave bonus balls when they are shot which can be
collected to enhance your ship. These are identified by a letter and
include improved acceleration (A), increased maximum speed (V), more rapid
fire (T), greater firepower (P), continuous fire for 100 shots (C),
invulnerability for 10 seconds (I), and bonus points (B).

StarRay is controlled through the joystick or keyboard.
Keyboard Controls - Cursor movement. ALT - Fire. CAPS LOCK -
F2 - Music on/off.
F3 - Sound Effects on/off.
F4 - Toggles between 60 HZ and 50 HZ. If your picture is unstable press F4.


You've flown missions before but once you've battled over one scrolling
landscape you've battled over them all. Your ships a wreck and you're the
rocks. What you need is a new challenge. Your tribal elders realise this
and give you a Star Goose to fly and the planet Nom to raid. Just bring
back the crystals, if you can...

You must battle through the eight levels of Nom, collecting the six
crystals on each level. As fuel, ammo, and shields are used the appropriate
words on the screen are progressively shaded. To replenish them you must
fly through the appropriate supply tunnel and fly into the Eyes. Launching a
missile into a tunnel will collect all the eyes in range. Missiles are collected
by flying through the missiles gates.
To progress to the next stage you must collect all six crystals and fly
through a face up gate. Collect the Eyes in these tunnels for bonuses.
Star Goose is controlled by joystick, mouse or keyboard.
keyboard control is as follows:-
TOP ROW (QWERTY...)			Accelerate.
MIDDLE ROW (ASDF...)			Decelerate.
SPACE BAR				Fire.

ALT		Prime then fire left missile.
CAPS LOCK	Prime then fire right missile.
ESC		Abort.
F9		Music on/off.
F10		Sound effects on/off
HELP		Pause.
UNDO		Continue.

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