(c) 2009/2012 by Matthias Arndt <>


ParadizeLib is a small input and video abstraction framework for various SDL based targets. The idea is to integrate the differences in various SDL targets into a common API.

A game or other multimedia application only links the ParadizeLib for the current binary target beside libSDL and does not need to keep its own abstraction layer.

The library provides abstraction for a digital joystick with up to 4 buttons, 3 other keys and a common mouse pointer interface.

The project requires CMake ( to build.

Supported targets

  • GNU/Linux
  • GP2X Wiz
  • (upcoming) GP2X Caanoo and Dingoo

Contact and source code repository

Initial code by Matthias Arndt <>

See authors.txt in detail

The ParadizeLib is opensource and licensed under the MIT License.

The source code repository is hosted at GitHub.

Project homepage:

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