How to configure PySVN to use Kdiff3 as the Diff tool

PySVN is a nice graphical client for Subversion. Unfortunately the builtin Diff tools are pretty awkward to use, esp. if the user (like me) is rather well known with Kdiff3.

How to configure PySVN to use Kdiff3
How to configure PySVN to use Kdiff3

I figured a bit with the settings and now PySVN diffs gracefully with Kdiff3 for me.

The settings are simple:

Set “External GUI Diff Command”, “Diff Tool” to kdiff3 and the “Tool Arguments” to -L1 %tl -L2 %tr %nl %nr

Happy Diffing!

Huawei E220 UMTS MINI USB Modem – set PIN

Huawei E220 HSDPA Mini USB Modem

To enter the PIN for your Huawei E220 HSDPA Modem under GNU/Linux without using a terminal emulator, ASM Software offers you the following interactive Perl script. Make sure to have kdialog installed. Kdialog is used to display the GUI.

The program checks if the modem is connected to the USB system and asks you for your PIN. Finally it tries to program the modem with the PIN you have entered with the proper AT command. A message is shown to reflect the status of the operation.

This code is based upon various sources which automate PIN setting on various UMTS data devices.

Download the script packed with Gzip: enterPIN.gz

Tools & Utilities

Tree Utility

This is the little tree utility published in the Linux Gazette.
Download (9.3 K)

Maintenance Mailer

This is a small utility to create a report mail out of the sys logs.
A shell script for BASH.
Download (9.8 K)


This perl script creates and index of HTML files. Not by ASM Software but packaged by us.
Download (4.4 K)


mp3convert is a small shell script.
Its purpose is to convert whole Audio CDs into mp3 files.
The programs cdda2wav and bladeenc are required for proper operation.
Download (1.9 K)