small SDCC projects and sources

This page contains some simple projects and programs for use with the SDCC compiler and a 8051 compatible mcu.

register definition for Atmel T89C51CC02
This register definition include file is for use with the SDCC compiler. It is based upon the faulty one supplied by Atmel.
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A/D convertor access for Atmel T89C51CC02
This sample C file for the SDCC compiler supplies a simple routine to measure voltages with the builtin analog-digital convertor of the Atmel T89C51CC02.
The routine works with simple polling.
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register definition for Oki MSM80C154S and MSM83C154S
This is a register definition include file for use with the SDCC compiler. It mainly defines the IOCON register and its different bits.
(NOTE: This register definition comes included with SDCC since version 2.6)
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SIO Test
A simple test program to initialize and use the SIO of a 8051 mcu from the SDCC compiler using autobaud detection and polling variants of putchar() and getchar().
Download (3.6k)

A simple routine which uses inline assembly to give a delay routine. It waits for 100ms on a MCU clocked at 12MHz with default of 12 cycles per instruction.
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A small lib for use with SDCC and a 8051 target for using the SIO in polled mode without disabling a running SIO IRQ. It is intended for use with the Tasking Monitor and a preconfigured SIO. The routines  have been tested with my development board. A Makefile for multiple file SDCC project include.
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