Start uIPTool utility for AUTO folder

uIPTool is great to allow easy access to Atari ST files via network without having to configure complete NFS or FTP setups.

As I ran into network problems and had to manually restart the tool from time to time, I wrote a small utility that allows to tweak the AUTO boot sequence to run uiptool either once or in a repeating fashion.

In the latter mode, the tool is restarted after crashing or undesired termination (e.q. I accidentally hit SPACE on the Falcon keyboard and the tool stopped amidst in a 50MB download)


This is a utility for the Atari ST AUTO folder.
It allows to run the uIPTool (
at system startup without having to manually click on the desktop.

Place it in AUTO folder before running MiNT/MagiC or any network stacks like STING.

System requirements

– Atari ST or compatible computer
– uIPTool and a compatible Atari NIC (Netusbee, Hydra)


1. copy uIPTool as UIP.TOS in the root of your boot drive
2. place STARTUIP.PRG in your AUTO folder (preferrably at the beginning)
3. reboot


– The tool waits until 5s timeout for keyboard input.
– If there is no keyboard input, the AUTO boot sequence is resumed.
– Press ‘U’ to activate uIPTool once. Boot continues after its termination.
– Press ‘R’ to activate uIPTool in repeating mode.

## Repeating mode

In repeating mode uIPTool is started.
When the tool crashes or terminates, the user can quit and resume the
system boot sequence if desired.
After a small timeout of 5s uIPTool will start again.

I had troubles on my LAN with lossing connection and it was tedious
to restart uIPTool by hand in these cases.


The source code and executable can be downloaded at