Classic hexdump of files with the GNU Coreutils

Sometimes I’m in need of having a classic hexdump from a given binary file.
As there is no obvious command under Linux, all seem to require more or less long command line options to work, I have to note down the standard solution using the od tool provided by the GNU Coreutils.

od -w16 -A x -t x1z -v <filename>

This gives an output like this:
000000 00 00 00 05 00 00 aa 00 00 bb 00 00 cc 00 00 00  >................<
000010 00 00 ee ee dd ff 00 00 44 00 00 44 84 cd ab fe  >........D..D....<

I did not find out how to remove the final address without having to use grep or sed.

The tool has a manual page and I recommend having a simple alias in your .bashrc like this:

alias dump='od -w16 -A x -t x1z -v'