Helper scripts for Buffalo LinkStation

Buffalo LinkStation Mini (illustration only)
Buffalo LinkStation Mini (illustration only)

Some years ago I purchased a Buffalo LinkStation Mini, a small NAS device for backup purposes. This device works quite well but until today, I didn’t have access to the builtin Wake-on-LAN feature from Linux.

Under Windows, the NAS boots as soon as the PC side software issues a special start request. After a little internet search, I found the necessary information and a small bash script to achieve this under Linux. I have adapted the wakeup script a bit and added a feature to disable the wakeup request via a second script. A third script queries the status of the NAS, both on the network and the state of the local wakeup script.

The wakeup script is intended to be run from the user’s Autostart sequence. The helpers can be called when needed.

Some icons are included.

The script needs bash,. zenity, notify-send and wakeonlan. The latter is a Ubuntu package and should be available in your distro as well.

The MIT License applies to this software. It works for my Buffalo LinkStation Mini, maybe for others too  but I cannot guarantee this. You are on your own but, hey, the software is free for modification :)

Download scripts and icons (86K)

Original script and information: